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17 Tips to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign

If you are interested in knowing how you can optimize your Google Ads campaigns, sign up, and get the best practices to have successful campaigns. We offer you strategic suggestions on top search engine marketing tactics so you can get the most out of your advertising.

Let's see the tips.

Tip # 1 - Clear objective: Before starting, it is important to have a clear objective, identify what you are looking for with the campaign: Branding or Performance.

Tip # 2 - Define dates: You can control how long your campaign will be published. This is very useful when you already know the date you want it to end; for example, after a promotion or offer expires.


Tip # 3 - Segment by location: Select the region where you offer your service, segment very well to get the results you are looking for within the geographical limit where you can really offer your product or service

Tip # 4 - Effective keywords: Choose the keywords that produce the most effective that detonates your ad. This will help you eliminate words that are not ideal for your campaign.

Tip # 5 - Avoid broad agreement: This will help make searches more specific to your product or service

Tip # 6 - Negative Keywords: Choose and add negative words to prevent the ad from showing to people we are not interested in.

Tip # 7 - Word planner: Use this tool within the platform, to expand the number of effective keywords and thus create ad groups.


Tip # 8 - Structure correctly: Divide your products or services into ad groups, since the success of an account depends on the good organization.

Tip # 9 - Don't delete it: If any of the keywords or ads are no longer working for you, don't delete them, just pause them and do them again.


Tip # 10 - Captivating Writing: Give creativity to your ads to capture the attention of prospects, they have to seduce you so that the next step is to click on your ad.

Tip # 11 - Diversify Ads: Do not post one, but several ads for each ad group, so you can evaluate the performance of each one and eliminate those with low CTR.

Tip # 12 - Dynamic Search Ad: Use the {Keyword:} tag to show the product or service in a highlighted way and this is more attractive to the prospect.

Tip # 13 - Focus on the CTR: The more clicks your ads have, the better and more competitive they will be in the Adwords auction.

Tip # 14 - Enrich your ads: Use ad extensions, as it improves the communication and positioning of your ads in relation to your competition.

Tip # 15 - Schedule them: Decide the days and hours you want your ads to be displayed, in order to avoid unnecessary costs, avoiding appearing during non-business hours.

Tip # 16 - Landing Page: Direct your prospects to specific pages that have to do with their search and our ad. If they are looking for blue shoes, show them the blue shoes.


Tip # 17 - Measure your conversions: Insert the conversion code in the Thank-you-page, which will allow you to see how efficiently the ad clicks generate valuable customer activity, such as phone calls, newsletter registrations, On-site purchases and filling in the contact form.

More Google Ads tips coming soon...

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