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What to Expect from Google Ads Campaigns

What to Expect from Google Ads Campaigns?

The first thing you should expect from Google Ads campaigns is to achieve sustainable revenue. This means that, depending on your perspective, short-term profit or long-term customer value should be greater than the amount of budget you spend on Google Ads. Google Ads campaigns should provide constant revenue, without using an additional budget.

Impressions, clicks (number of visitors), and bounce rate are important. You should reach your target audience, bring these people to your website, and motivate them to create engagement on your site.

The critical success factor is the conversion.

Your ads may be displayed to millions of people, and you may have thousands of visitors, but this will make little sense if they do not generate any conversion.

You need to achieve sales revenue (or some kind of commercial value) to make the mechanism sustainable.

Conversions may be in the form of sales, reservations, appointments, lead forms, or phone calls.

To achieve high conversion, you should identify your target audiences correctly, provide tailored messages to each segment, and bring them to special landing pages on your website.

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